6 Self-Care Tips to Reduce Stress

Stress, we all have it, but we don’ have to let it consume us. Reducing the amount of stress you have can have a huge impact on your health. My husband Matt and I have been under quite bit of stress recently with all that’s been going on with his health. It’s been a slow process back for him this time around after surgery but our self-care plan has been helping, a little bit every day. Remember it’s not about being perfect at it, just the act of doing it can be incredibly healing and get you out of a funky headspace. I hope by sharing what’s working for us will help you create a self-care plan for yourself.

1-Less is more

If your body is telling you to slow down and rest , listen to those signals. Do you have to do everything on your list today, or can some of it wait for tomorrow? Write a list of the most important things you have to accomplish and do those things first. Take a nap, watch the sunset, declutter your life and slow down. Doing less and having less “stuff” is healing on so many levels.

2-Forest Bathing

Put away your phone and connect with nature. Just being outside in the fresh air and sunshine can reduce stress in the body. When sunlight hits your skin, it begins creating Vitamin D in the body which can naturally help lower depression and anxiety. Think about how you feel when you’re walking out in the woods or a natural environment, the smells, the air, the water, the sounds, the wildlife. It really is magical and when you take it all in, you begin to forget about the stressful things in life and can focus on the beauty life has to offer. There is also evidence from Medical Researchers in Japan (where the practice became part of their national public health program in the 80’s) that it can help boost immunity, your mood and help with reducing stress. In our neighborhood there are many wooded places to walk and we try to do it daily. Even if you just go to a nearby park and take a walk, it can really make a difference!


Whatever you want to call it, closing your eyes, taking deep breaths and connecting with a higher power can slow down your heart rate and create a calmer sense of well-being. I like to hold my hand to my heart, connect with myself and tap into what really matters in the moment. Even if it’s just for 5 minutes, it can be so helpful. A lot of times we have so many thoughts and worries rolling around inside of our heads that it’s hard to concentrate and slow down. Meditating can re-connect us to our higher self and quite down all the noise in this over stimulating world we live in. It can be hard to hear our own voice most times, and meditating can help us get back to ourselves. Re-align us to our purpose and release the things that we no longer need to hold onto and stress over.


In Sweden they take multiple breaks to have tea/coffee, it’s called Fika. Fika isn’t just about the tea or coffee, it’s about taking the time to slow down and appreciate the good things life has to offer. You can take a Fika alone or with a friend(s) but the key here is really to carve out that time for yourself. I choose to slow down with a cup of tea because it’s really relaxing and not as stimulating as coffee. My husband and I are really into this and it’s become such a part of our routine that we have a specific type of tea that we really adore, so much so that just the mention of it brings an instant smile to our faces. That alone is such a stress release!

5-Journaling/practicing gratefulness

Write down your feelings daily in a book. Often expressing yourself on paper can release tension building in your body that you may be holding on to. It can help you reset your thinking and perspective on things. When I write something on paper it has a different effect than just thinking about it. I also like going back and seeing my thought process and feelings I was having and how I worked through them. I also like to draw and express myself with artwork, watercolors, pastels. Drawing can provide insight and healing where words fall short. Also writing what you are grateful for each day can really shift your way of thinking and is wonderful for your mental health. You don’t have to be perfect about this either, if you miss a day, just start again when you can. No need to stress about a tool used to help you get rid of stress ;)

6-Move your body/Exercise

It doesn’t have to be anything over the top, just taking a walk can be helpful. Moving your body is the key component here. Moving your body is good for more that just your cardiovascular health, it’s great for your mental health. When you exercise your body releases endorphins or feel good chemicals that create a positive feeling in the body. Matt and I always feel better after a short walk/hike or exercising when we are stressed out. It re-balances us and our perspective, it’s good old fashioned medicine!

These are just my tips that help us reduce stress but keep in mind, a self-care plan is not one size fits all. Everyone is different and your self-care plan may not look the same and that’s ok. We are all unique individuals with different schedules and we each respond differently to stress as well as techniques to reduce it. The important part is that you have a healthy way that works for you to alleviate the amount of stress in your daily life. Wishing you peace and harmony on your life’s journey!


#WhatSupp My Favorite Supplements

I often get questions about what supplements I take, why I take them and which ones are my favorite. While I believe that we can get most of what we need from eating a nutrient dense real food diet, there are just some things we may need to supplement to help us feel our very best. 

Over the past 5 years of changing my diet I’ve felt the shift in my overall health, I have more energy, less bloating and inflammation. Quality food and supplements have been a very crucial element of this as well as a healthy lifestyle that decreases stress.

But, not all supplements are created equal. Walk into any health food store and you will see aisle upon aisle of vitamins, supplements, minerals and elixirs. It can make you a little dizzy trying to find what’s right for you. And it can be hard to easily spot supplements that are non-GMO, free of gluten, soy and dairy unless you do some research.

While I believe it can be really helpful to see what others are using and why, I also believe it’s very important to talk to your doctor before starting any supplement. We are all so different and what works for me, may not work for you or be what you need to thrive. It’s also important to note that some supplements are meant to be used temporarily, while others might be ones you take for a longer period of time. 

Here’s what I’m taking right now:

Collagen– I take this daily for gut health, joints, healthy skin, teeth and nails.

Magnesium– Most of us are deficient in this and don’t get enough in our diets. Helps with things like stress, anxiety, muscle cramps (great for those with endo), depression and insomnia.

Vitamin D3– Most of us are deficient in vitamin D as well as we don’t get enough sun and often wear sunblock when outside. Good for immune function, bone and brain health.

B-12– I’ve always been low because of endometriosis. Great for energy and it helps strengthen the nervous system.

Pre-Natal– We are trying to concieve so I supplement with a high quality pre-natal vitamin.

Turmeric– It’s an anti-inflammatory helpful for pain (great for those with endo) and skin health.

Charcoal-I only take when needed, helps when I accidentally ingest gluten or have any food sensitivities.

Check out this helpful Guide from New Hope Network it talks about how to build your supplement regimen with your doctor, questions to ask retailers and goes over some common supplements for different stages of life. I hope you found this helpful!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by New Hope Network’s Inside the Bottle and its partners in high-quality nutrition: Natural Factors, NatureWise, NeoCell, Orgenetics, Sabinsa, SoftGel, Trust Transparency Consulting. As always, all thoughts are 100% my own.

We Can Do Hard Things-My Infertility Journey

A few days ago, I was reminded of how blessed my family truly is. Sometimes we forget because life just makes us busy and we don’t always take time to reflect on how far we’ve come. This morning as I was reciting affirmations and reading out loud the things I’m grateful for, I realized I needed to share my thoughts and journey on here. On Valentine’s Day my husband and I did what most couples do, we exchanged cards and gifts and we enjoyed a night in together. But what stuck out the most wasn’t the flowers, or the chocolate, or the wonderful meal we had together, it was a short but beautiful note that my husband left in my card. In the note he reminded me how we moved into the house we now live in on Valentine’s Day, nearly eight years ago and that he never would’ve thought that we would be sharing so many amazing memories together.
Valentine's day card
 At that time we had just moved into our home after my husbands traumatic brain surgery and stroke.  We had been living with his mother for about a month after we were released from the hospital and rehabilitation center. It wasn’t our fanciest most romantic Valentine’s Day, we barley had any furniture in our new house. A card table with a few chairs to eat meals at together, a bed and a couch. It wasn’t much, but it was ours and we felt blessed to be on our own again. In a place we could be alone and call home. It was a trying but somehow sweet time in our young marriage. When you’re helping your husband with common daily tasks most people can do on their own It really makes you appreciate good health and independence. We really leaned on each other during this time. It also created for us a special bond early on in our relationship. I will always be grateful for that bond, because it has gotten us through some really tough times.matt brain surgery and stoke- leaving kaiser in wheelchair
 I had just lost my job due to the recession and my husband had to dissolve his business as he was unable to work at all. It was sometimes hard to envision what the future would hold for us as a family, but somehow we clung to our faith. A few years later I was diagnosed with an extremely painful and debilitating autoimmune disorder, endometriosis, and underwent surgery to remove as much as possible. Another wrench was thrown into the mix, and at times we felt alone and confused while other times so loved and blessed. I think it’s just natural to go through these emotions. To say that I was always positive about the future wouldn’t be honest, I had moments of doubts and moments where I felt like God was truly taking care of things. The times I felt the tender mercies of my maker, really enlarged my heart and whispered that something great was at hand.
We can do hard things-my Infertility Journey
It’s been almost 10 years since we started trying to get pregnant. A few years after I was diagnosed with endometriosis, I started my Paleo journey along with natural healing methods. I tried accupuncture and was working closely with my acupuncturist to increase my chances of fertility. After about a year into the process I just decided to take a bit of a break from it all, it was wearing on me and I just needed to not put so much pressure on myself. I was grateful for the time we had to rebuild our lives together and trying to see the gift that it was to not have children at this point in our lives. With the celebration of my 36th birthday last month and a lot of prayer and planning with my sweet husband, we decided to not go the completely natural route this time. We feel that at some point in the next couple of years another surgery for him will probably occur, we may have more time, it’s just never known exactly when that will arise. With that and my age we have enrolled in an infertility program.
my fertility flowers
These are my fertility flowers, I have decided to keep them in my home as a reminder that beautiful things are to come. I will continue to replace them every week or so to keep me focused on the good things life has to offer. When you see a bouquet of flowers in my future posts, you can probably guess I am going to update you on our infertility journey. The ups and the downs, the triumphs and diapointments, because it’s all a part of this life. We take it as it comes, because we can find the good in anything that comes our way. We just have to open our eyes and our hearts.
my fertility flowers-2
 I have started doing multiple tests and one of them showed that a surgery for me to repair some things in order to get pregnant may be necessary, so doing things 100% natural may just be out of the cards for us. I may not have been ok with that a few years ago, but today I am a peace with it. I have put so much time and energy into healing naturally, it really has put me in a much better place to become pregnant, God willing.  We are diving in and are scared and excited all at the same time to see where things go. If needed we have decided that we are open to IVF, it’s just unclear if we need to go that route at this point. And if we never get pregnant, sure it will be hard, but we are willing to accept that and continue our plans for a family, whatever that means. Adoption has never been out of the question for us, we are excited to build our family whatever it takes.
tulips-fertility flowers
I’m trying to be gentle with myself this year, I hope that whatever struggles you are dealing with that you will be gentle with yourself as well. There is so much love and beauty in this world. Please know that I am here for you whatever hard things you may be facing, your stories and perseverance give me hope and propel me forward. Thank you for sharing this journey with me. I will continue to update you along the way. We can do hard things, they help us grow stronger and keep us humble. May you find the blessings of this day and have a grateful heart, it truly is the key to happiness!
All my Love,

2016 Healthy Living Holiday Gift Guide

Holy wow!! With less than 10 days til Christmas, I’m sure you’re scurrying around just like me trying to wrap things up! I put together a round-up of last minute holiday gifts you can still order to make it in time for that special day! I’m calling this my 2016 Healthy Living Holiday Gift Guide, but maybe I should have named it the Lazy Holiday Gift Guide as all of it can be ordered online, ha ha!

About 98% of these can be ordered on Amazon, in your pajamas, sipping on a cup of hot cocoa with my Gingerbread Marshmallows floating on top. Just saying, wink, and if you’re a Prime member you also get free 2 day shipping which means you have more time to watch episodes of Fuller House and Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I just love online shopping!

I split the list into 3 of my favorite categories, food, beauty and fitness. I added lots of fun things that will make wonderful gifts, even if it’s for yourself, shhh!!! Wishing you and your family the best holiday ever this year with hopes for heaps of good food, love and cheer!

2016 Healthy living holiday gift guide the foodie



Instant Pot | Cast Iron Skillet | Spiralizer | Food Processor | Dutch Oven | Kitchen Aide Mixer | Microplane | Santoku 5″ Knife | Primal Palate Spices | Immersion Stick Blender | Whole30 Cookbook | Kasandrinos Olive Oil | Vitamix | Mortar & Pestle | Juicer | Salt Keeper | French Press


Instant Pot: This pressure cooker is all kinds of amazing. It’s like a crock pot on steroids. Our grandparents used them back in the day and they’ve recently come back into popularity. You can cook frozen chicken in 15 minutes, make bone broths in only a few hours and make any tough piece of meat tender. It’s a fabulous gift for a foodie!

Whole30 Cookbook: This made it on the list not only because I have 3 recipes featured in here (check out pages 50, 56 & 120), but because there are great tips to simplify, plan, and prepare meals in this book that will save you time and money. A great book for any foodie looking for satisfying and nourishing real food recipes! It’s also on Sale for $22 right now!

Kasandrinos Olive Oil: The most wonderful olive oil you’ll ever taste, it’s so fresh. Unadulterated and straight from Greece, it’s one my absolute favorite oils to make homemade salad dressings with. They even make a balsamic fig vinegar that is to die for! They have mini bottles of olive oil which I carry in my purse to put on my salads at restaurants!

Primal Palate Spices: These organic spices are so fresh and wonderful to cook with, they have an adobo blend that is amazing and the pumpkin pie and apple pie spices are delicious! What I also love is that their spices are packed in a facility that employs those with disabilities.

Immersion Hand Blender: If you haven’t made my Easy immersion blender mayo ,you must get this tool and make it now! It makes the best mayo and sauces hands down! Plus it’s under $30, what’s not to love about that?

2016 Healthy living holiday gift guide the beauty


Beautycounter Lipgloss Set | Ray Ban Sunglasses | Beautycounter Make-up Brush Set | Daniel Wellington Watch | Lace-up Sweater | Beautycounter Winter Dream Palette | Beautycounter Sea Salt Spray | Natural Facial Brush | Zoya Nail Polish | | Wool Hat | Leather Handbag | Essential Oil diffuser | Wool Throw | Beautycounter Shimmer & Shine Body Gift Set | Herbivore Face Mask | Hope Bar Necklace | Hair Straightener | Beautycounter Complexion Essentials Kit


Beautycounter Holiday Palette: I use this palette every day when getting ready! It has wonderful eyeshadows, blushes, a bronzer and a highlighter. It’s an all in one compact making it easy to just throw in your bag when you’re on the go. One of the things I love about this brand is that they never choose approximately 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals when formulating their products. Safe skincare is just so important to me and this is one of my favorite products to use and gift to loved ones!

Natural Facial Brush: I use this for dry brushing as well as wet along with my beloved Beautycounter charcoal cleansing bar to gently detox my skin. It’s soft enough to use on my face and it’s made from all natural ingredients! Can’t beat $10 either!

Beautycounter Complexion Essentials Holiday Gift Kit: These skincare products have literally changed my skin for the better, I get less breakouts and the texture of my skin is so much better! This kit contains a Nourishing Cream Exfoliator, a Nourishing Day Cream, a Hydrating Face Oil, Nourishing Rosewater Mist and a Peppermint Lip Conditioner in perfect sized bottles for travel! I love knowing that i’m not putting anything toxic onto my skin, it’s such an amazing gift to give someone you love!

Make-up brush set: There’s nothing better than a set of well made brushes! These are easy to gift anyone who loves make-up! They’re weighted at the bristles making them ergonomic and my make-up goes on so much better now that I own them!!

Sea Salt Spray: Who knew that this natural salt spray could be so awesome for texturizing hair? I stopped using toxic hair products a while back and as someone with stick straight hair, this has just upped my hair game! Everyone I know who owns this is totally obsessed!

2016 Healthy living holiday gift guide the athlete


Yoga Mat | Wireless Headphones | Fit Bit | RXBars | Gym Bag | Detox Body Brush | iPhone 6 Battery Case | Glass Water Bottle | Acupressure Mat | Long Sleeve Workout Top | Sports Top | Muscle Foam Roller | Phone Charger Bracelet | Kettle bell


Fitbit: I just got one of these a few months ago and became obsessed with it! It tracks not only my steps but  my sleep as well, which I was really curious about. Since getting it I’ve been challenging myself to move more during the day, making sure I try to get in at least 10,000 steps! It’s also been encouraging me to get better sleep. This would be a great gift for someone active on your list this year!

Acupressure Mat: As someone with chronic pain this has been such an amazing tool to have! It comes with a massaging mat & neck pillow and it’s wonderful at relieving back pain naturally. It works much in the same way as acupressure and acupuncture work, minus the needles and cost. A great gift for an active person on your list!

Canvas Gym Bag: Ok, so can we talk about how cute this bag is? A great gift to make anyone look stylish at the gym! I don’t own this one yet, but I hope my husband is reading this so I can find it under the tree this year…wink, wink!

Rxbars: Not only do I love these protein bars because they are delicious with clean ingredients, but the people who make them are pretty amazing too! The Maple Sea salt and Blueberry are super yummy! The Combo box would make a great gift under the tree or used as stocking stuffers!

I hope you enjoyed this healthy holiday gift guide! And if you made it to the end of this post, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you! I am grateful to have such a supportive group of people reading the blog, following me over on Instagram and just being the amazing people that you are! This just wouldn’t be what it is without you! Thank you for everything, I hope your Christmas, Hanukah or whatever you celebrate is Merry & Bright!


*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase something from one of my links, I will receive a small percentage, at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products that I truly believe in, that I use myself or find to be very valuable. Thanks for helping me to keep Paleo Paparazzi up and running!

Sustainable Fashion-Jord Wooden Watch Review

aaa-Jord paleopaparazzi

Since natural products are such a draw for me, especially within the last few years trying to remove as many toxic things out of my lifestyle. A wooden watch seemed like the next good thing. First I started with food, and migrated to beauty products, then cleaning products and the journey continues on with clothing and fashion. What we wear can have an impact on our health just as food can. It can contain chemicals that could be absorbed through the skin, which is no bueno!! I will be the first to admit that I am no where perfect when it comes to having a closet full of organic, non-toxic, sustainable clothing and accessories. Guilty as charged! What I think counts is that i’m heading in that direction, as well as so many of you reading this, and that is what matters!

Jord watch in box-2

When Jord contacted me to review their beautiful wooden Cora watch, I was excited! I love that Jord values sustainability which is truly refreshing. When you go to their website and click on materials, it tells you the sustainability factor of each type of wood used to construct their collections, many are sustainable. They also let you know exactly where they source their wood. I did some research on the sustainability of the hawaiian Koa wood that is used to handcraft this beauty! According to the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) redlist, it is one of the woods of least concern and considered sustainable! It was perfect for what I was looking for. Plus their are many styles of food bowls carved out of Koa wood and if its safe to eat out of, it’s safe to be in contact with your skin throughout the day!

jord watch back

When you flip the watch over, the back of it is made of a gorgeous sapphire glass so you can see the delicate workings of the mechanical pieces inside – it’s so mesmerizing. What makes sapphire glass even more incredible, is the fact that it is second only to diamonds as the hardest and most scratch resistant materials on earth. Such a unique feature! The wooden box that it came in is so lovely and a perfect place to store it in. It looks handmade and well crafted, just like the watch itself.

The first watch they sent had a tiny ding in the wood and even though it was very minor (I almost didn’t even mention it) they had me send it back. I was so impressed with their customer service and how quickly they replaced it with a brand new one! They wanted me to be completely happy with my watch. Their customer service is incredible and I was very satisfied with the care they took. I wear my watch almost everyday because wood goes with everything, just like bacon!

Holiday Gift Guide

holiday gift guide

Christmas is just around the corner, so I wanted to share some fun gifts for those foodies in your life, or maybe just for you ;) That’s OK too!  If you’re like me you’re still shopping, yikes! I’m sure many of you can relate, this month has been crazy town! The days have been flying by faster than I can say Santa Clause! It’s down to the wire now though and if you’re perplexed about what to get for that special someone in your life who loves to cook, read on for some cool last minute gifts I’m sure they will fall in love with!

  1. Instant Pot Pressure Cooker-This piece is essential in every kitchen! You can cook bone broth in 2 hours, applesauce in 2 minuets and can make even the toughest piece of meat like butter, need I say more?!
  2. Dansk Kobenstyle Saucepan– This retro pan is so lovely, I use it as often as I can because is gorgeous and well made. It was popular in the 50’s and the lid can be used as a trivet, very cool!
  3. Marble Serving Board- A beautiful piece to have in any kitchen, we love it for serving appetizers at parties. It would be perfect for a NYE party!
  4. Yes & No Stackable Mugs– These porcelain mugs are just too cute to pass up. Enjoy your coffee or tea without saying a word!
  5. Lodge Enamel Dutch Oven-This cast iron pot is a must have! Take any recipe and it can be made better in a dutch oven. It’s chip resistant and lasts forever!
  6. Foodie Dice-Having trouble deciding what to cook for dinner? The foodie dice will rescue you every time. Just roll the dice and you’re covered!

Happy Shopping friends, and Merry Christmas!

Sacramento Farm to Fork Dinner

I’ve been waiting for a while now to share this special event I was so lucky to be a part of last week. The reason it’s so exciting is because I was able to come together with a local group of like minded people in my city. We live in Sacramento, California which is the Farm to fork capitol of America. Amazing things are happening in our region, and I’m happy to be a force for change in our community. Most of you  probably already know that I love getting people involved in the real food movement and this event is just one of the many we are using to build that change. My grandfather has been a farmer in this area for over 70 years, so it’s something I am passionate about.

Have you ever wanted to experience the Farm to Fork Life? Here’s a little glimpse of what a dinner made of fresh local produce from Northern California looks like.

The lovely local chef Brooke of The Green Boheme prepared the amazing spread for the evening. If you are local and haven’t had her food you are in for a treat because it is incredible! The event was hosted on the lake at the home of Jules and Jeff, owners of Liquidology, the best local juice bar in Sacramento. When we walked in the door there was a beautiful array of hors d’oeuvres. Fresh rainbow carrots and celery with cashew cheeze (my recipe for cashew cheeze can be found here).


There were also sweet and spicy cashews and a beautiful assortment of spring and summer inspired Liquidology cold pressed juices to sip on while we waited for dinner to be served.

appetizer juice--farmtofork

When we walked out onto the patio, my jaw dropped, such a stunning view! The table and chairs are from a local shop called Design Alchemy and I was instantly smitten!


The flowers were styled by Thistle and Honey Flowers & Design and I later discovered they were actually sourced from my sweet friends flower farm!


Every detail was taken care of and many commented that it was like we had stepped into a Pinterest picture!


As golden hour approached everyone was snapping photos left and right. It was hard not to take pictures of everything! a-chandaleir-farmtofork

There was a light breeze but the sun was still keeping us warm! A perfect Northern California evening!

a-table and flowers--farmtofork

This Raspberry, blood orange and cara cara sparkling drink was SO delicious! This juice screams summer and I cannot wait to try and recreate this heavenly concoction!

a-rasperry juice--farmtofork

As soon as the food came out I was salivating! Chef Brooke makes the most stunning dishes! Real food really is SO beautiful!

a-setting table-Farmtofork

Once the food started coming out, I couldn’t stop drooling. While you all know I love my meat as a Paleo girl, I also absolutely love foods creatively made with only raw fresh ingredients. I LOVE my fresh veggies and fruits and try to get as much of them in my diet as possible!


Raw mock tuna sushi rolls with a spicy coconut amino dipping sauce. Everything served was raw, gluten free, dairy free and soy free!


Raw burritos served in red cabbage leaves. The “beans” are made from veggies and seeds and then topped with a nut based cheeze sauces, tomato and cilantro.


Raw pizza, one of my favorites! You can’t go wrong with pizza! The crust is made from nuts, seeds and veggies and topped with more cheeze, basil, olives, tomato and a mock parmesan cheeze. Delish!


A beautiful all veggie salad made with zoodles, peppers, tomato, greens and a yummy nut based cheeze sauce!


Wellness burgers are a favorite of mine at The Green Boheme Cafe Butter lettuce is topped with patties made from veggies and seeds topped with a raw spicy ketchup sauce, yummy fermented pickles, avocado, tomato, red onion and……wait for it……zucchini BACON! Now I love my bacon and so does my husband, but we are complete fans of zucchini bacon!

a-forbidden rice-Farmtofork

A spicy Thai noodle salad made with purple forbidden rice (which is actually a seed and not a grain) onions, peppers and cilantro. Are you drooling yet?


And a beautiful berry salad with fresh mint! Totally in love with that gorgeous bowl and bird spoon!


Such a feast! Not pictured was a decadent chocolate tart, lemon cookies and nut based ice cream for dessert! We were all so stuffed and well nourished by the end of this incredible feast!

a-tiptoe table-farmtofork

My favorite part is that almost 100% of this meal can be found at my local farmers market. I love supporting my local farmers in the region and I absolutely love living in the Farm to Fork capitol of America. If you live in the area, I’d love to meet up at the farmers market or any of the wonderful real food places in the area! If you don’t live here, you should definitely visit Sacramento some time soon!